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Trusted Provider of
Drywall Systems
for Gypsum Board Partitioning
and Ceiling Works

A pioneer in drywall partitioning systems for over 3 decades, with cutting-edge technology, and catering to major projects in UAE and across the Middle East region. When it comes to development and production of roll formed metal sections and assemblies, we are your partner, converting complex individual requirements into economical solutions.

Core Competence
in Roll Forming
of Galvanised
Steel Profiles


HITECH Profiles L.L.C. is the right choice for your partitioning needs. From design to installation, we have immense experience in delivering support for partitioning and ceiling projects of all sizes and complexities. We are the ideal partners for your building projects. We provide guidance in calculating approximate material requirements, weight of steel in use, fire resistance and sound insulation of the systems.

We help build your project with the best galvanised steel profiles at economical costs. Our knowledge spans the entire planning process on how HTP Profiles can be utilised for interior finishing - up to series production, ensuring that the optimal profile shape is created and used. Designers can find solutions that precisely meet their requirements thanks to a wide choice of sizes and options.


We are an ISO-9001 certified company, and we source our raw materials only from ISO-9001 certified suppliers - thereby ensuring the highest quality of steel in our profiles. We manufacture metal profiles by roll forming process. Our portfolio covers all varieties of different dry-wall partitioning systems to meet all client requirements. We have been serving the requirements of leading players in UAE’s building industry for over 3 decades. Our consistent high-quality and timely deliveries has ensured extensive use of our HTP Profiles by satisfied clients, consultants and major building system suppliers, in landmark projects in the UAE.

We work in close co-operation with customers - developing turnkey profile solutions with specifications on custom sizes, cut to length, fire resistance, sound insulation etc.

Pioneer in Development
of Drywall Partitioning Systems


We Manufacture by
Roll Forming


  • stud
  • Track


All HTP Profiles are manufactured using high quality hot dipped galvanised steel coils only. The zinc coating of hot dipped galvanised steel coils used by us ranges between 120 GSM to 275 GSM as required by our consultants.

Our Profiles are extremely easy to install and are manufactured to meet ASTM, EN-BS and DIN Standards.

CEILING Profiles

  • Angle
  • Main Channel
  • Hat Furring Channel
  • W Angle
  • Resilient Channel